What is an OH&S Program?

An OH&S Program is a system to promote, protect and restore a workers health within a safe and healthy workplace. It is a systematic approach to activities, procedures and practices that are designed to ensure and maintain a safe and healthy workplace and is a plan of action to prevent incidents and occupational disease. 

Some reasons why companies should have a Health and Safety program are,

  • Legal requirements. The OH&S Legislation states that all employers must do all they can to ensure that their workplaces are safe and healthy

  • Moral Obligations to their employees and the public

  • Financial benefits. Reduced costs assoicated with a reduction in incidents and a reduction in insurance payments

  • Due diligence. By ensuring that your company has done all that it can to reduce incidents and their impact on workers, material, the public and the environment

An effective program contains a number of sections, within a Health and Safety manual, starting with your Health and Safety Policy. This policy reflects your company's committment to the health and safety of your employees and outlines how you will accomplish this.

Rampart Safety Services can design and implement this program and all of its components. This program will reflect your business and how it views safety.