Near-Miss/No-Loss Incidents

(Frank E. Bird, 2003) Loss Pyramid


Near-Miss/No-Loss incidents occur daily at every work site. A No-Loss/Near-Miss incident is any incident that has the potential to cause injury/damage but does not.  How does your business deal with these incidents? Do they ignore them and pretend they didn’t happen as no one got hurt and nothing got damaged? Near-Miss incidents are a great learning opportunity and all Near-Misses should be documented, investigated and discussed at the next morning’s safety brief/toolbox talk. Investigating all Near-Miss incidents will allow your company to change any defects in your Health and Safety program before a serious incident occurs.  The 1-10-30-600 relationships in the “Loss Pyramid” indicates clearly, how foolish and ineffective it is to direct all investigative efforts at the few serious incidents, when there is significant opportunties to learn from the more frequent No-Loss incidents. As shown by the “Loss Pyramid”, investigating and reducing the No-Loss Incidents will reduce the occurances of a more serious incident.

 A Health and Safety program from Rampart Safety Services will show your workers and supervisors the reasons why Near-Miss/No-Loss incidents need to be reported, investigated and discussed. It will give your employees the tools they need to reduce these incidents and maintain a safe and healthy workplace. Contact us today to see how Rampart Safety Services can put your company on the path to safety.

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